Urgent action needed to fix social care crisis and ease knock-on effects on NHS

A recent report from NHS Providers has stated that urgent action is needed to fix the social crisis and ease the knock-on effects on the NHS. 

The team behind Hospital to Home know all to well the pressures experienced by Social Care teams to ensure the timely discharge of patients. The pressure to move people out of hospital and to get them assessed as soon as possible, in their home environment is as intense now, as it was in winter. There is no let up at the moment for health and social care professionals and so finding a way to alleviate unnecessary administration and to free up bed spaces is critical. 

Hospital to Home is here to help. Our solution will save you the administrative burden of running multiple spreadsheets, documents, emails and phone calls. H2H provides you with the one version of the truth. you can add any organisation you need to the system, who is involved in the D2A process. By adopting a better way of working that streamlines your process, you can get people out of hospital safely and efficiently, thus saving on costly excess bed nights.   

All the Socials!

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