Hospital to Home October Recap

October has been busy month for the Hospital to Home team. The biggest news to announce is that we now have Kirklees and Calderdale Councils signed up to Hospital to Home! It is fantastic to have these two Councils onboard as they continue to demonstrate their willingness to embrace new and innovative solutions which will deliver fantastic benefits in return. 

New Hospital to Home Users

We are delighted to announce that Kirklees and Calderdale Councils have signed up to Hospital to Home. It is great to have Kirklees and Calderdale onboard as they embody the spirit of innovation and a willingness to continually improve their processes through new opportunities. 

We had the onboarding meeting this month and we now move into a phase of training and testing ahead of go live in the new year. This is a snip from the onboarding meeting and thank you to all who were willing to show their camera for the shot! 

If you are interested in following Kirklees and Calderdale’s example and want to benefit from Hospital to Home get in touch following the link below!

Update on Awards

Sadly we cannot report that we have won either of the awards for which we were shortlisted and were announced in October. It was fantastic to be shortlisted and there is one more still to come so all fingers crossed for the outcome of the LaingBuisson Awards 2021!

H2H Development - Interoperability

This month we have kicked off the exciting interoperability project with North Lincolnshire and Goole hospital. This project will enable interoperability between Hospital to Home and NLaG’s electronic patient record WebV. 

This is a project of significant importance for Hospital to Home, our existing customers and future customers as interoperability is a requirement never to far from the conversation. This project will demonstrate our ability to achieve interoperability and we look forward to bringing you more updates on this work as it progresses.

Social Media

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