March 2022 Recap

We have sailed past the Ides of March, the clocks have gone forward and briefly, we had temperatures in the high teens! (We’ll ignore the fact they have plummeted since)

We have certainly seen an increase in activity this month and we are well underway in onboarding our most recent three new customers with a fourth imminently to follow. 

These are the H2H highlights for March:

Discharge to Assess Workshops

This month we continued to run our D2A workshops. We ran an open session which was available to all to join and a session specifically with organisations in the Surrey locality. Both sessions were informative and we continued to learn how D2A is approached around the country.

The workshops in April are open for anyone who is involved in the D2A process to join. The sessions allow the H2H team to meet a wide variety of passionate professionals who are all committed to exploring better ways of working. We really value the opportunity to meet other professionals from other organisation to understand how they do things.

Learning Points from the Previous Workshops 

As Tech in Care and CC2i run these workshops and attendees share their experiences, the more we hear of the consistent challenges faced by multiple local authorities. It is great to hear from the attendees’ experiences as there are always new perspectives to take account of, and it all builds up the context around the D2A process. There has been a sense from all of the workshops that attendees have appreciated the opportunity to discuss their D2A processes with fellow colleagues from around the country. It allows the group to unpick what happens at each stage and to learn from other localities how they are managing the process.  

These are the main three points we captured as consistent areas to tackle:  

  • Creating a single source of truth. The majority of organisations who have joined the workshops have talked about this challenge. Having up to date information that is easily accessible for daily stand-ups and reporting is something a lot of teams are working towards. 
  • There are lots of manual processes which are reliant on spreadsheets and moving away from these and onto a digital solution will create a much more reliable and robust platform for capturing D2A information.  
  • Communication is key to the D2A process and without a single version of the truth, this results in multiple emails, calls and documents to try and stay on top of D2A’s. This creates issues managing D2A’s through the process and engaging community teams in the most effective and efficient way. 

The next workshops will take on a slightly different theme from the ones run previously. This is the plan for session:

  • We will reflect on and share what we have learnt from the workshops run so far
  • We will talk about the changing D2A funding model. This will give attendees the opportunity to share how they are approaching this in the future. 

The first workshop in April is almost full but good news, we have a second at the end of the month. To sign up to the workshop, click on the link below:

Exciting Developments in Progress and Kicking off Soon

Work is continuing on interoperability – there is exciting work currently taking place with North Lincs and Goole Hospital Trust. We are developing that integration to FHIR standards, a real positive for H2H utilising the most advanced API standards in the world of Health. 

We are developing a bulk upload option for organisations to upload discharges into H2H. This is will be of benefit to all of our users and will act as a sensible early phase for those organisations ultimately seeking interoperability with electronic patient records. 

Plans still maintain for Spring 2022 seeing us kick-off the work on Intermediate Care. As we speak to more and more Local Authorities and Adult Social Care teams the Intermediate Care requirement is one which is continually raised. This much needed extension of the H2H functionality will be a key development in 2022 and we look forward to working with our existing users on shaping this work. 

Alongside the big projects we are incrementally releasing smaller improvements to the system from our backlog. These requirements are a mix of existing requirements, new requirements and back end system requirements. 

If you want to find out more about Hospital to Home and what 2022 holds do not hesitate to contact us by follow the link below. 

iNetwork Awards 2021!

We are delighted to announce that the project that brought Hospital to Home (H2H) to life is a shortlisted finalist in two categories for the iNetwork Awards 2021!  

North Lincolnshire Council are finalists in the Transforming and Innovating Public Services category. This is deserved recognition of North Lincs Council being a front runner in improving their Discharge to Assess processes. They have achieved this through their adoption of the D2A policy and utilising Hospital to Home as the digital solution managing people on D2A pathways.    

This is the criteria for the Transforming and Innovating Public Services Award:

This award is open to any iNetwork member to celebrate excellence in the transformation of public services. We welcome nominations that recognise teams and organisations that have successfully implemented change for people and places. Submissions demonstrate evidence of improved outcomes through innovative citizen focused solutions in the areas of data, technology and/or culture change.

CC2i and partners are finalists in the Partner Excellence Award category. This award recognises the approach that brought organisations together to solve the D2A problem. Hospital to Home is the resulting solution to that problem.  

The Partner Excellence Award:

This award is open to any iNetwork member organisation who wishes to recognise outstanding performance from their partner organisations. The award celebrates innovation, collaboration, efficiency and going the extra mile in partnership working. 

The winners will be announced on Thursday 19th May at the in person awards ceremony; a delightful return to normalcy after a couple of years of Covid enforced virtual events. Fingers crossed!

For more information on the awards, click the iNetwork logo below.

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