July 2022 Recap

This month our focus has largely been on our two UK Research and Innovation Healthy Ageing Challenge funded projects. 

We are underway with the discovery phase of our Intermediate Care project and we are currently scoping our strategy to maximise our Interoperability project. Updates on both can be found below. 

Development activity in July has focused on the continued improvement of Hospital to Home. We have had our regular engagement with our customer group and met with more prospective users of the system. 

We are delighted to welcome Callum Macleod to the growing team in Tech and Care. Callum joins as our first Business Analyst bringing an injection of energy and key BA skills to the team. Callum will be working closely on the two funded projects, along with the development of Hospital to Home and providing support to our customers.  

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding as part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge

Project 1: An Extension of Hospital to Home into Intermediate Care Update

This month we have started to engage with the subject matter experts who will help us shape the Intermediate Care solution. 

The councils we will be working with on this project are North Lincolnshire, Rotherham, Sutton and Wakefield. We will also be engaging our wider customer base for feedback at appropriate milestones.

We have a good initial grasp on the Intermediate Care landscape and what is required from a digital solution. Our discovery workshops will continue for the next four – six weeks after which we will be in a great position to move forward full steam with the development phase. 

Project 2: Solving the Interoperability Problem Update

Interoperability remains the key requirement for both our customers and those who we engage with on a regular basis. We know that enabling health organisations and local authorities to have an integrated network of systems will deliver huge savings on administration, safeguard against errors and ultimately, improve the provision of care for people, particularly of ageing population. 

We are currently finessing our strategy to maximise the opportunity the UKRI funding has provided us. We will be engaging with the main providers of electronic patient records and adult social care solutions ensuring that Hospital to Home is interoperable with these systems. If you have a D2A problem to solve and interoperability is a key requirement for you, get in touch as we are certain Hospital to Home will be the solution for you. 

If you want to find out more about how Hospital to Home can solve your Discharge to Asses, Intermediate Care or Interoperability problems, get in touch with us by clicking the button below. 

The Next H2H Workshop

With so many people heading off on their jolly summer holidays in August, we are not running a workshop this month. The next workshop is planned for 21st September and will be all about the systems and processes currently being used to manage D2A. 

Keep your eye on our socials for when the event is open for you to reserve your place.  

The Tech in Care Team

As mentioned earlier, this month we welcomed Callum Macleod as Tech in Care’s Business Analyst. Callum’s appointment grows the Tech in Care team to three, and as always we are supported by the larger teams in our parent companies CC2i and Maldaba. 

Meet Your Tech in Care team:

Stephen Girling - Product Owner
Irene Zdziebko - Business Development Manager
Callum Macelod - Business Analyst

All the Socials!

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