Hospital to Home Reporting Features

Reporting on the Discharge to Assess process is crucial

Whether this is national reporting, internal reporting or reporting to inform crucial system change decisions, Hospital to Home will support you with your reporting requirements

Snapshot Reporting

Want to know what’s been happening with your D2A’s since you went live and slice and dice the data to get a variety of views of the situation? Snapshot reporting allows you to report on what is happening right now, what is the current picture and what does the data in H2H tell us today. 

Overtime Reporting

Take a step back from the day to day and start to make informed system decisions and recommendations for transforming the way you work. 

Overtime reports are designed for once you have been up and running with H2H for a few months to look back on the data and see a month by month breakdown of your data to track trends and see the improvement that utilising H2H has brought your D2A processes.

Reporting Suite

The reporting suite puts the data in Hospital to Home in your hands. You can build your own reports that interrogate the data in the way that you need to support your own organisational reporting. 

When your nominated reporting experts build reports they can publish them across the organisation allowing all user with access to reporting to run them whenever needed. 

Access to the reporting suite is managed by permissions so you can ensure the right people in your organisation have this ability. 

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